I have a distinct obsession with words, word manipulation and the all too unknown and hardly ever practiced hobby of etymology. I enjoy to speak with nothing short of sheer power and acute deliberation for the sake that my listener might not so carelessly lose his or her interest; understanding that I do not merely speak, I narrate; I tell stories; I orate. Ergo, I chose the name for my blog as, “The Giver of Words”, for inasmuch as I enjoy learning news words, using the words I learnt and verily developing my talent, therein, I gave deep thought to how I might wish to portray my angle for my love of words, writing, books and the entire world of literature and decided that I wanted to give back what I had gained in all the beauty held in what I coined as “word manipulation.”

A painter manipulates color, light, shade, size and perspective. A composer manipulates sound, dynamics, pitch, volume, phrase, melody, harmony and rhythm. A writer manipulates words: character, narration, terminology, story, twists, rising action, prologues, epilogues and dialogues and of course the climax and falling action of what they write. My emphasis placed upon writing in the aforesaid, notwithstanding, note how each example I gave pertaining to some sort of manipulation was a direct link to art and artistic design. God is an artist. Indeed: a poet, and he thusly manipulates all creation. I am a writer and I manipulate all my acquired vocabulary into coherent thought and scenarios. Whether or not my readers deem such a thing beautiful is in the eye of the beholder, albeit what I pray for.

Finally, I have Asperger’s Syndrome/Disorder. This is an Autistic disability, or in the Autistic Spectrum. I am disabled. Allow me to place emphasis upon such a phrase, for one look at me and the third party will merely assumed I was “normal”. I have spent years researching Asperger’s Syndrome and I have yet to master the actual basis and foundations in which define this disability totally. Thus, my readers are more than likely laymen, with zero offense. In an oversiplified specification as to what A.S. literally is (at least for me) is this: working harder than everyone else so you do not offend anyone. I have broken the hearts of three former girlfriends, I have insulted more people than I wish to be cursed in remembering and I come across to many as weird. I am even known as a “freak” to one person, and I mean this literally; not as a term of sarcasm. And, all this to say, I had at those times no intention of hurting, insulting or acting freaky to those people because I simply did not know any better. To make it even more simple, have you ever expected a person with Down Syndrome to perform normally? Have you ever required an amputee to perform normally? Do people ask a mentally retarded person to take an SAT test? People with A.S. are disabled and there is no immediate evidence in first time encounters with friends or family that might show this. Thus, we, who are disabled, are required to perform normally when we can’t! I dare my readers to research the disorder themselves.

On the plus side, people with A.S. display a heightened aptitude in either one or many chosen fields of interest. It is often commented jokingly that employers wished they had a person without A.S. to perform as admirably as a person with A.S. Alas, for despite our great and often striking genius in our indeed independent methods of studying and researching, our social skills are utterly inept. I pray my readers of both my blog and my book are more reasonable and understanding than the bullies I had to suffer at school: spitting on me, pushing me, punching me and breaking my arm.

-The Giver of Words.

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