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Dear Family:

One month later and, still, the news is good. Family… I’m kind of tired. I really love this blog that we do together; I love having you all as my readers. But I’m not as keen of the writing individual as I once was. I looked back at some of my past entries and I do notice a difference. Understandably, I wasn’t married and my wife is awesome and I love her and she’s beautiful, et cetera. But marriage is tough. Nay, marriage is extremely tough and, at times, quite agonizing. I find the production of grey hairs upon my face and head quite more rapid and prodigious whence I had my time to myself at Starbucks upon this very laptop. I find that my fingers strike these 26 letters of the alphabet and what not at a pace quite removed from the eloquent and fairly bedazzling essence they once held. I wouldn’t trade this life with my wife for the whole world or universe. Here’s the sordid truth: my wife and I struggle financially.


“Ugh, David you just described, like, every single newly married couple in the world… and Middle Earth, for that matter; not to mention Panem and, heck, Allagasia as well. Oh, and let us not forget the fabled Narnia and Zombieland, also.” So, my family, life, I guess, is normal. But you know what I really, really, really wish to do all the time and, for the most part, every day: write. I love to write (duh) and I also love to write music and my books and play my violin and, hopefully, my very own piano, one day. Can I ask you all a huge, ginormous favor? Rest assured, I’m not going to sell you anything. But, of course, you’re all welcome to my books and music on Amazon.com. Here’s the favor, which stands linked to my gratitude for your visiting, liking and following my humble corner of the internet: I’m going to put a link right here Share a Sale. If you click this link, it’ll lead you to a website called ShareaSale.com. It’s an affiliate marketing website which, like my previous entry stated, stands as a type of sponsor for my WordPress blog. If you click that link, a new window will open up and I will get credit for that lead; and all you have to do is click this link Share a Sale


Hey, family, level with me: I’m a hard worker; I’m losing hair to the point where I won’t have any grey hair to grow from at all. My wife and I eat from Cal Fresh and work every-single-day just to make our overly priced rent. Most of the followers here have been with me for a while and the board of comments is still wide open. You guys have come to follow this blog in likely association to Autism: I am diagnosed with Autism. Share a Sale


Last night I was busking (outdoor performing) on my violin outside a local café that was kind enough to allow my presence and performance. A gentleman came up to me and noted that my tip box indicated my diagnosis. He told me that his grandson is on the spectrum and is moderately functioning. Like a breaking of a dam, all my faculties fell apart and even my own “Autism Awareness” came barreling in and I realized that I am far more disabled than what I let on to be. My friends, individuals on the spectrum are acting a roll; at least the ones who are so able to. Unfortunately, my defenses can fail and I become a wobbling tall-person who’s married, 35 and unemployed who whence commanded eloquence and charisma is now acting not so dissimilarity to one who is mentally challenged. I didn’t even see it coming. Yet, the man did not judge me and told me, “I understand. I’ve seen it all too often and I commend you on your accomplishments to socialize as normally as you can.” With tears in my eyes I continued to play my violin; to play my violin without sheet music and in professionalism having only been playing for five and a half years.


By clicking these links Share a Sale, my friends, my family, you’re hardly inconveniencing yourselves and your actually helping fund someone who’s ambition is to help and bring to light the Autistic community; via music, writing, poetry, words and beauty. Just a click Share a Sale. Of course, as you follow the link, any furthering of your interest in Affiliate marketing will help me and my wife even more. But, a mere click, which is called a “Pay Per Lead” affiliation, would be helpful. As a recompense for your little click on these links Share a Sale, because I know how we all love those commercials on YouTube, etc., I’d like to take some time in this blog to discuss a topic which, when previously examining my Word Press history, was one of the most popular topics, hitherto.


Star Wars: I cannot get over the underrated nature of the prequels and their marvelousness. Even so, I want to also discuss a little the artistry and overwhelmingly entertaining level the newer movies have produced. I loved, absolutely loved, Solo: A Star Wars Story. Here’s why:


Han Solo deserves an origin story. In Episode IV, V and VI, we hear so much about all the exploits and adventures of the infamous Han Solo—his partnership with Lando, how he acquired the Millennium Falcon et cetera. Also, what a twist at the end (SPOILER ALTER!!!!!!!!!!!) when the Star Wars franchise does indeed rectify a mistake of killing off Darth Maul too early. How exiting it will be to see how that story develops. Didn’t anyone find it so much fun to see Han smuggle, “back-stab” and smooth talk his way through obtaining his “baby” the Falcon, get together with Lando and even help in the initiation of the actual genesis of the Rebel Alliance. Lastly, and quite most importantly, we learn how and why the famous Han Solo always shoots first.


My criticisms: first off, um…. I had a problem with… No, I think the part where… No, um, hmm. Oh! I just got it: I have no criticisms. I loved it! I’ve been watching Star Wars on repeat since I was 4. I had the entire trilogy memorized since I was, well, 4! I saw the prequels at the midnight showing and I memorized those lines since I was 15. Anyways, I am beyond appreciative of what the Star Wars franchise metamorphosized into. Honestly, I would have assuredly gone another way and, truly, I feel the story of the Star Wars Cannon could have been much better; having certain avenues omitted and others elaborated upon.


I really want to write more upon this. I hope you are all as excited as I am for the new Star Wars episode coming this Christmas. Also, my wife and I are the biggest John Wick fans and we are so going to see it this May, 17. And, no, there are no affiliate links for the movie here. I wrote that just because I wanted to. *wink* Because John Wick is awesome! Share a Sale


And now I bring this to another sad close for I wish I could just write and write and communicate to you all; thoughts, feelings, hurts, joys etc. I really could use this favor, family Share a Sale. All you have to do is click the link and it’s supporting Autism. And I mean that absolutely literally. Every time you click this link Share a Sale you’re helping the autistic community and, truthfully, you’re keeping us from dying. The suicide rate is too high. And it’s all because we’re stressed and overwhelmed. Help the Autistic Community and help me and my wife with this link Share a Sale.  Thank you thank you and thrice thank you, family. Love you all and blessings abundant.


Sincerely and with the warmest regards to you,

-The Giver of Words.

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