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Hey, family,You know, I’ve been feeling really BLAH!! lately. But, in truth, I feel really


To translate: I’ve been under some stress…

When I first began writing in this blog, I was like: blog; writing; fun; followers; yay! Now, I’m more of a: OMG OMG OMG I need to promote YouTube; me and my wife need to get monitized ASAP; OMG our money is short AHHHHHH!!!!!

So, I’m going to sort of revert back to the good ol’ days of our vloging experience together, family. I remember just opening this up and, you know, writing! I am, after all, the giver of words. Thus, no more agenda, no more itenereary: just good old David back on the wagon for some old fashioned nostalgic blogging; blogging about just what’s going on inside his head. God, though, Autism does tend to produce quite the myriad of thoughts….
I love the new Star Wars movies. I absolutely love the prequels. The originals will always be timeless to me. Did I ever mention that Return of the Jedi made me cry when I saw it as a boy–every single time? The scene where look ceremonially burns his deceased father always got me. No sooner did Darth Vadar reconcile with his own self to return as Anakin Skywalker and also to make peace with his son, then he died right then and there. Luke was never fully able to have his father before he himself passed. I have always felt that the Star Wars Universe was utterly in tune with the Force from the beginning. In a matter of speaking, I know I’ve spoken before of how the prequels were so rigid, poorly executed in line and dialogue and seemingly to pass by with cluckiness and not a good ideal of smoothe plot tragectory. However, I cannot but comment and even criticize the absolute snobbiness and arrogance of the Jedi Council and their whole order. I’ve never known such greater and more inflated egos than when Qui-gon and his apprentice at that time Obi-wan stood before the council. Even as a 15 year-old boy, something didn’t quite feel right about that circle of galactically boasted jerks. I found it so humorous when Obi-wan Kenobi remarked in Episode I, and above all to his own master: “Do not defy the council, master, not again. If you would just follow the code you would be on the council.” I crack up every time. Also, look who it was who first discovered Force Ghost abilities and that Yoda himself, being nearly 1,000 mature in the Force, first found him: Qui-gon Jinn. “Pride commeth before a fall.” -Proverbs 16:11
Hey, do you guys like YouTube? Yes, me and my wife are YouTubers. We’re building our channel and have been since April of this year. If you guys want to watch two funny people (the dorkiest man you couuld possibly see… and the most beautiful angelic woman made by the hands of God, then follow this link to our channel. Keeping up with the K’s Be sure to subscribe to us. We are working really, really hard to become monitized. We’ve literally dropped everything to become full-time vlogers and YouTubers. When we reach 1,000 subscribers, we will be able to acquire some revenue. Also, it will allow us to create and film more and more great content, for you!! For those who’ve actually been following our blog for a while, do you think I’d be able to create some bangers and such fun and exciting content for your viewing pleasure. Imagine, you’re at home, you just got off work, you got a hot meal and a good drink, you’re turning on your big smart T.V. and go you your YouTube App and want to watch a channel that makes you laugh or is interesting. Family, check out Keeping up with the K’s. We, meaning Martha and me, are in our adolescence of our channel and we just posted a new video. Let’s say I just finished editing a video that took place, oh I don’t know, at some location where, oh I don’t know, I just out of no where bust into a huge Shakespearian play-act with my wife and make a perfect yet even over-exagerated reinactment of Macbeth!! Or, worse, Hamlet!! You’ve got your food hanging off your bottom lip falling into your lap with hilarous laughter as your day just became so bright due to us makeing an absolute fool out of ourselves so we can comfort YOU after a hard days work. Allow the court jesters to entertain the host, which is usually the royals and the genttry 😉
Anyways, I’ll try to post more and more for you, family. I can’t tell you how thankful I am of all of you. I know a lot of you are well aware of the difficulties and the seemingly impossible aspect of life it is for one suffering with Autism. It’s ironic that the only reason why the Autistic community suffers is due to a severe and grotesque lack of accommodation. But, that’s for another time and topic.
Please, again, check out our channel and please subscribe. Keeping up with the K’s 1,000 subscribers: that’s all. And then we keep on makeing better and BETTER videos so you guys can laugh, be inspired and know that there are two people in the world who love, because Jesus first loved us. -1 John 4:19.
Thank you again, family. Love you all and– I will see you all on YouTube!!

     -The Giver of Words.