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Dear Readers:

Thank you all!! All of you are so awesome! You’re beautiful people and it has been an absolute blessing to have this free reign to write on this humble little corner of the internet with a great many of listeners and, above all, readers. Thank you all for following me.

Alas, I have, indeed, not kept up on what I had hoped to accomplish by writing and publishing a poem every day. In a good way, God had other (better) plans. More specifically, my wife and I have been most definitively called to YouTube. I’m happy to say that it has been something which we give our total follow-through. Our channel has already begun. My readers, dear readers, I’d like to invite every single last one of you to our YouTube channel: Keeping up with the K’s. I’ll leave a direct link below.

This is likely the only time you’ve read and will read a blog entry on the shorter side (relatively 😉 ) I hope you all find your way to my wife’s and my channel on YouTube. For those who’ve read much or all of my blog here, you might have a pretty good idea of where both she and I are going with our vlog: Autism, depression, suicide, self image, self esteem; just about everything in the world that makes it stand still and keeps it actually from going round. We are endeavoring to bring people to a state of hope. We are working to reach out to people to deliver a message of faith. We are branching out and to forth unto the world the notion of absolute love. We made our humble channel to bring laughter, smiles, information on cooking, living and even some pranks; we’ve opened it to show what Godly living and a godly marriage looks like. And we’ve ultimately given to broadcasting ourselves for the sake of so many people we pray earnestly can find Jesus, can find faith, find hope but most of all love: pure and true love. As I love you all, pray for you all, please: join me and my wife. Like our channel, subscribe to our channel and spread the word: “there’s a man who’s diagnosed with Autism who has pretty much been tortured through self-inflicting harm and multiple suicide attempts who lives happily as a full-fledged and competent adult and a strongly married husband with a love to a wife like no other. You should check out his blog and YouTube channel because he’s telling everyone that there is hope, even for what seems to be the most hopeless situations.”

I love you all, readers. I am sure also it might be kind of cool for many of you to put a true face to the words behind my blog that’s been going on a while. Intermittent as my posts have been and are. I wish you all the blessings in Heaven and on earth now and forever in Jesus’ name.
-The Giver of Words.
Keeping up with the K’s YouTube Channel