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Psalm of Salvation
By: D.B. Keosababian
Does he here me when I call?
Does he help me when I fall?
Does he comfort me when I feel nothing at all?
Is he really God of grace?
Is he here in this dark place?
Is he truly God with whom we wish to shine his face?
So as he is I want of dismay.
Can you hear me when I pray?
Can you love me every day?
Can you truly be a father who will forever stay?
Be forever near to me.
With my girl whose beauty rivals even yours.
If you do I’ll love you now,
I’ll love you now and forever, evermore.
God of creation, my father on high.
Lord of the nations, ever be mine.
This is the grace, amazing and good,
This is God’s face, as so understood.
Loveliest and well, it is with my soul,
I need more and more, God all in all.
Hear me lord, beckoning, I love you for life.
God of the universe, beauty and light.
Saving through grace, my Christ and God’s son,
You are the true God, the I am the one.
Sovereign you stand, the earth at your feet,
I long for that hour, to see you and meet,
My God of all gods, the truest of true,
Longing and suffering, my God I need you.
Trusting and loyal, my faith dost yet stand,
Yet guide me and Shepperd, I need your good hand.
Time is so fleeting,
Little hath I,
Seek me and find me,
Love by and by.
Summoning grace to all creation,
Lord and God and giver of salvation.
Truest art thou to thy holy word,
From whence life began to thy grace occurred.
Beauty and wonderment, glory to come,
God we so thank you, you gave us your son.
Thanks be to God, proper to praise,
Let us then sing to the end of all days.
     Dear readers:
     Thank you for reading. Thank you for liking. Thank you all for following. Let’s keep this up and grow numbers. I just want to promote goodness. Regardless of what you believe or why, this poem represents what I believe. You don’t HAVE to believe it, but I hope you understand that I only wish for everyone here, out there and further beyond that I wish to help simply feel better. I hope more can come to know God the way I do. But, right now I’m giving my words. I write this series of poetry to promote beauty, art, creativity and a design of true imagination I’ve made it pretty clear that I feel no longer exists with at least Hollywood. Refer to my previous entry entitled “Hollywood Hypocrisy.”
     Once again this is the second poem of the second day by which I want to commit myself to posting ceaselessly. The comprehensive purpose can be found in my previous entry entitled “‘Win the Crowd'” -Proximo. Thank you all so much. This single poem will be on sale at this link: My Amazon Books I love you all. Thank you so much for the likes and for the new followers. I only have time as of now for writing. I want to make some videos on YouTube as well for your viewing pleasure. Until then, blessings abundant, wishes to be merry and thank you with love.
-The Giver of Words.
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-The Giver of Words.