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Romance of the Hours
By: D.B. Keosababian

Am I desperate or blind,
I can’t seem to think.
I can never find,
I lie down and sink.

Love of not lost,
Nor ever hath I.
Such is the cost,
As I fall and die.

Beautiful lovely,
The girl of my dreams.
I kiss her so subtly,
Heaven, it seems.

Yet, lo, I awake,
Now to just see,
I made a mistake,
She’s not here with me.

God, I so pray,
God on thy throne,
Today, lord, today,
Let me be not alone.

I implore thee, oh lord,
Evermore, evermore.
Give me my accord,
Like never before.

Appear her to me,
Ceased as am I,
From my heart I can’t see,
For I long to die.

She comes to me, now,
She is here as I take,
For all my prayers, how,
and now is my faith.

Marry me, lord, to her do I yearn,
Have not I you, to thee I discern,
That this is my cry and this is my passion,
Not at all apt to follow such fashion,
Of worldly desires, my will ne’re that seeketh,
To thee, only thee, death to world, reeketh.
I only wish love with all that is left,
Of my soul and my heart, long suffered, bereft.

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